Nozstock Festival 2017
Nozstock Festival 2017

photo by Nozstock the Hidden Valley

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photo by Edith Morris

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Pete the Monkey Festival 2017
Pete the Monkey Festival 2017

photo by Gypsy Disco

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Nozstock Festival 2017
Nozstock Festival 2017

photo by Nozstock the Hidden Valley

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A giant puppet designed for festival walkabout performances.


Inspired by insects such as the praying mantis and wasp, we wanted the puppet to come across as both creepy and friendly to appeal to all ages of festival goers.


The puppet is largely made out of recycled materials sourced from scrap stores such as; gas piping, clingfilm, foam, tights, lighting gels, netting, bubble wrap, wire, old parts of hoovers and industrial thread bobbins. 


It has fully articulating leg joints, head and pincers. It also has the ability to flat pack into 13 pieces for easier transportation and is filled with LED strip lights for colourful light-up evening walkabouts.


This is the first PoCo Creations project in collaboration with Poppy Hargreaves. Please see additional PoCo Creations page for more information about our newly established company.

The Colossal Critter by PoCo Creations

Design + make in collaboration with Poppy Hargreaves

Walkabout performances at;

Pete the Monkey Festival, Normandy, July 2017

Nozstock Festival, Herefordshire, July 2017

Festival No.6, Portmeirion, September 2017

Greenman Festival, Crickhowell, August 2018

Botany + Other Stories, Hay-On-Wye, September + October 2018

Above + Beyond Children's Festival, Plymouth + Plympton, October 2018


Designer | Maker | Puppeteer


construction drawing
rendering drawing
making the ribs
building skeleton shape
clingfilm and LED lights experiment
spraying skeleton
lights and spikes on spine
fitting LED lights to body
maquette of full size head
half size clay head sculpt
creating pattern for full size head
plasterzote head pieces
constructing head
constructing pincer mechanism
creating body patterns
building up colours and patterns
light tests with finished body
testing harnesses and legs
finishing legs
finished head
Designer / Maker for Performance + Events