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‘Spooky Action at a Distance is a bold examination of the growing violence in the world right now: on our doorsteps, online, on the continent and around the world. It’s about the building of borders and barriers and barricades. And the desire to control what seems like an increasingly uncontrollable new world order’ Elayce Ismail, Director.


Spooky Action at a Distance was set in and around and anti-refugee protest that took place in Dover, January 2016.


In response to the setting and central themes in the play of borders and barriers I explored imagery of fencing, windows and the sea. This eventually brought both the set and costume design into an abandoned sea scape world.


All props on the stage were items that had been washed up, the floor was a textured sandy floor cloth and other pieces of set reminiscent of gabions, cages used to build sea defence walls. Actors were dressed both ready for beach weather and perhaps to join a protest.


The stage space was extremely small and the script often changing so the moveable cages allowed easy transition into different settings whilst also providing performing levels.




New piece of writing by Eve Leigh

Commissioned by the Royal Court as Part of NEW Season 2017

Director  | Elayce Ismail


Lighting Designer | Rachel Murray

Sound Designer | Ewan Foster


Venues | Richard Burton Theatre, Cardiff

The Gate Theatre, London


Set | Costume Designer


initial sketches + reference images
gate theatre model box
white card model
storyboarding from white card model
costume mood boards
initial costume design sketches
developing costume designs
final costume design
model making steel cubes
soldering model wall piece
finished cubes
finished model elements
finished model
finished model
mock-up welded steel cube
rust effect on wall piece
adding coral texture to base of wall
latex cast limpets on wall
creating textured sand floor cloth
dying soldier costume tops
fimo pendant for costumes
get-in of set
Designer / Maker for Performance + Events