PoCo Creations

A collaborative company established with fellow RWCMD graduate Poppy Hargreaves.

Combining our cumulative skills in costume, set and puppetry we are able to design and make a multitude of creations for festivals, events and performances.

We have designed and made two giant puppetry walkabouts to date; The Colossal Critter, a giant praying mantis inspired creature and The Fishko a shoal of 3 giant jazzy disco fish! We have performed at; Pete the Monkey Festival, Nozstock Festival, Festival No. 6, Greenman Festival, Illuminate Plymouth Festival of Light, Above + Beyond Children's Theatre Festival, Arts by the Sea Festival and the launch of Botany + Other Stories in Hay-On-Wye.


All our puppets are available to hire!

We are always looking for new creative challenges and would love to hear how we could help realise a creation for you. Please do get in touch!

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Designer / Maker for Performance + Events