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During summer 2018 I joined the Cloud 9 Decor Team. Cloud 9 is founded and run by Ruthie Ford and is responsible for the entire festival wide decor at Kendal Calling Festival and Lost Village Festival. I lived and worked onsite for the week leading up to each festival and also assisted with the breaks after. Jobs included; decorating bars, tents and backstage areas. Installing bunting, flags and giant crochet flowers designed + made by Ruthie. A lot of the decor is made in advance so time can be spent displaying and hanging items as installations. These were often in woods and trees or above walkaways. We also built and painted large set-like buildings and stages, such as the Temple of Light, a rainbow patterned structure, the House Party 2000, a futuristic space ship stage, the Junkyard and a vintage Arcade.

Cloud 9 Decor


Kendal Calling, July 2018 

Lost Village Festival, August 2018

Festival Decor Assistant


Designer / Maker for Performance + Events