Made for Paddle Boat Theatre Company and their new 2018 Christmas show Hansel and Gretel. The aesthetic of the puppet was that it should look like it was made from the forest and so natural materials such as sticks, moss, pine cones, bark and raffia were added to a chicken wire structure. The puppet is predominately a head and cloak, with simple shoulder and arms joints. This was to allow the puppet to also become a shadow puppetry screen, clipping onto the set. It also meant that it can be puppeteered simply with just one puppeteer or 2/3.The additional puppeteers slip their arms into the selves of the cloak and wear gloves to become part of the witch.

Forest Witch Puppet


Show | Hansel + Gretel 

Company | Paddle Boat Theatre Company, Exeter

December 2018


Puppet Designer / Maker


Designer / Maker for Performance + Events