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A modern retelling of the classic tale of The Elves and The Shoemaker by Plymouth based company Above Bounds Theatre Collective. This show was aimed towards children aged 3 - 7 years. The set for this show was designed to be adaptable and robust to tour to different performance spaces such as libraries, theatres and schools. 


Cube shelving units are used in the foreground to provide a surface which can screen the puppeteers whilst also storing and displaying props as if in a shoe shop. These were split into 3 units on castors which were rearranged to create different scenes.


Flat packable ‘Christmas trees’ were also built to create a background which could be adjusted in different performance spaces. These were inspired by window display installations and helped to provide height to the set and a structure to support a shadow puppetry screen and fairy lights along with shelves and additional props.


Two Elf puppets, based on original versions were remade to fit with the increased scale of the set. These were built stronger with leather and rope joints and finished with soft fleece fabric for interaction with young children after each show. 


A carefully selected colour scheme runs throughout the whole design of set, costume and puppets. These colours were selected to offer a more vibrant Christmassy feel and to make the show more suitable to performances throughout the year. 

The Elves + The Shoemaker

Company | Above Bounds Theatre Collective

Location | Plymouth

August - October 2018

Set, Costume + Puppet Designer / Maker


Designer / Maker for Performance + Events